Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tommy Thompson--"Penobscot Bay, Maine"

While vacationing on North Haven Island, Maine, with artist friends, Mimi Sammis and George Walker, I painted a small field study of the view of Penobscot Bay, which our patio overlooked. Back home in my studio, I painted a larger version of the scene using the field study and reference photographs, displayed on my computer screen. North Haven Island is almost untouched by commercialism. The quaint nature of the village on the island has been preserved. Pastoral scenes in the surrounding area offer unlimited opportunities for any painter. This 16" x 20" oil on canvas painting is now in a private collection in Germantown, TN. "Our painting, 'Penobscot Bay,' is lovelier today than it was when I first spotted it hanging on the wall at Palladio," says Paulette, McMillin. "I originally purchased the painting for one particular room; however, because of its versatility and coloring, it fits the decor of almost any room in our home. 'Penobscot Bay' certainly is one of our most prized pieces of art!" link.

Tommy Thompson--"Morning at Maggie Valley"

Maggie Valley, North Carolina, is located near the Smoky Mountain National Park. It is known for the 318 curves on the road through the Valley. It was on this road that we found this rustic barn and silo. "Morning at Maggie Valley" is a studio piece that was created using a field study painted onsite. The field study was critiqued at Old Lyme, Connecticut by Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA) artist, Ned Mueller , who praised the small painting's "color harmony and its good use of principles." I created the studio piece using the smaller field study and reference photographs. I used a simple pallet of red, yellow, blue and white (cadmium yellow light, cadmium red light, alizirin crimson, ultramarine blue, and titanium white).In his book, Landscape Painting: Inside and Out, Kevin Macpherson emphasizes what I have also found to be true. "Color harmony is almost automatic when you use a limited palette," says Macpherson. "Once they (the primaries) are mixed, it becomes possible to find harmonies among the mixtures." This 16 x 20 oil on canvas painting sells for $950.00 and can be purchased at this link.

Tommy Thompson--"Cloverdale Rolling Meadow"

It has often been said that there are diamonds right under our noses if we will only look and observe closely. We have discovered a "diamond" near Cloverdale, Alabama--this meadow is located on a farm that has turned out to be a painter's paradise, with a masterpiece-in-the-making at almost every turn. I painted a field study of this meadow onsite while young deer played hide-and-seek with me. Back in the studio, I used the small field study and reference digital photographs displayed on my computer screen to produce this larger piece. Drawing on my observation of the work of the famous wildlife artist, the late Lanford Monroe , I employed her technique of obscurely inserting wildlife into landscapes. I discreetly placed two of the playful deer in this piece. This 18" x 24" oil on canvas painting sells for $1,295.00 and can be purchased at this link.

Tommy Thompson--"Morning at Rock Spring"

"Morning at Rock Spring" was painted one fall morning when my wife and I traveled to this pretty location a few miles from our home in Florence, Alabama. Rock Spring is a spot on the Natchez Trace Parkway; this particular spot is known for the multitude of ruby-throated hummingbirds that gravitate to the spring each fall. Many people in the area visit Rock Spring to view these beautiful birds. I liked the play of lights and shadows on the spring. The 8" x 10" oil painting can be purchased for $320.00 at this link.

A Tommy Thompson Original--The Perfect Birthday Gift

Why not consider an original piece of artwork for that special someone's birthday gift? Artwork is a gift that will be cherished for many years to come. As Karl Eric Leitzel says on the website, Landscape Artists International, "good art brings added meaning to our lives, whether through the raising of thought-provoking questions or simply a greater appreciation of the beauty the world has to offer." Original art has the possibility of increasing in value as the reputation of the artist increases over time. An example of a piece of artwork that anyone will cherish is the 16" x 20" oil painting, Priscilla's Geraniums," shown here. I painted this one while vacationing on North Haven Island, Maine, last summer. Please click here to purchase the painting.