Friday, January 10, 2014

Setting Sail

"Setting Sail," 36x24 Oil on Canvas by Tommy Thompson 

To find subjects for painting, my wife Marie and I use  a different method of navigating between destinations. We look at a map and if the next town is southwest from the town we are in we turn off the main road and sometimes travel roads that are not on a map. We travel west until we reach a road turning south and then back west, alternating back and forth until we reach the next town. This is what we were doing when I saw a boy with his sailboat next to a creek.  He was afraid to put his boat in the water in fear of losing it. The day was too cold to get in the water and he knew the current could take his boat away. You don't forget this type of scene. Off in the distance is the kind of barn that was a part of my childhood. I am pleased that I was able to preserve this scene in the oil painting, "Setting Sail,"  for many to enjoy.