Monday, October 01, 2007

Kevin Macpherson, Mentor Extraordinaire

Some of the nicest people that we meet are artists, and one of best art teachers is an exceptionally personable guy. We had met Kevin Macpherson in 2003 in Connecticut and later at a demo in Tuscaloosa, AL, but we became much better acquainted with the artist, the mentor, and the genuinely nice person during the "En Plein Air Masters Chateau des Arts Mentoring Seminar" in Lake Louise, Canada, during August/September. It was a pleasure to watch Kevin work his magic with paint at several locations in Canada--Lake Louise, Lake O'Hara, Canmore--Three Sisters, Emerald Lake. His great personality shone through each night at dinner when he enlivened the discussion with his genuine good humor. We noticed that Kevin always started his critiques of the participants' artwork on a positive note before advancing to the suggested revisions in a painting. It is no wonder that all of his workshops are filled within a few hours of their announcement. This very likable guy is one of the most sought-after workshop teachers and mentors. His work reminds us of that of the French impressionists. We will never forget our time with Kevin and Wanda Macpherson. One day at Canmore--Three Sisters, Kevin amazed all of the artists with his painting of his wife Wanda as she was also painting.