Sunday, October 07, 2012

Paul Rasch, Paul’s Home Improvement Service, Florence, AL

If you live in the Shoals Alabama area, are remodeling your house, and need an experienced, professional painter to help you achieve the look that you want, we have a name for you--Paul Rasch of Paul’s Home Improvement, Florence, AL. We assure you that you will not be disappointed. Paul Rasch is the kind of person that you will welcome into your home. When he arrives at your home, he will be dressed in neat clothing--blue shirt featuring his logo and khaki pants. When he leaves, he will look just as neat, without a drop of paint on his clothing.

We have never encountered such a fine craftsman as Paul Rasch. He tackles every job with the same determination and skill to create the very best result. We were amazed at the amount of preparation that he applies to every step in a job. He pays special attention to using the very best materials and equipment--whether it is primer, caulking, brushes, sandpaper, or paint. He holds a light to inspect every aspect of his preparation (repairing, caulking, and sanding) to make sure that every surface becomes as smooth as possible. We were amazed as we watched Paul hold a light in one hand as he painted with the other. After the project is completed, Paul works to ensure that he leaves your home as neat as he found it by scrubbing every surface with clean cloths and vacuuming every floor.

If you need an expert painter, whether inside or outside your home, be sure to call Paul Rasch, Paul’s Home Improvement, at 256-762-8125 to receive an estimate on your job.