Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tommy Thompson--"Penobscot Bay, Maine"

While vacationing on North Haven Island, Maine, with artist friends, Mimi Sammis and George Walker, I painted a small field study of the view of Penobscot Bay, which our patio overlooked. Back home in my studio, I painted a larger version of the scene using the field study and reference photographs, displayed on my computer screen. North Haven Island is almost untouched by commercialism. The quaint nature of the village on the island has been preserved. Pastoral scenes in the surrounding area offer unlimited opportunities for any painter. This 16" x 20" oil on canvas painting is now in a private collection in Germantown, TN. "Our painting, 'Penobscot Bay,' is lovelier today than it was when I first spotted it hanging on the wall at Palladio," says Paulette, McMillin. "I originally purchased the painting for one particular room; however, because of its versatility and coloring, it fits the decor of almost any room in our home. 'Penobscot Bay' certainly is one of our most prized pieces of art!" link.

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