Friday, October 09, 2009

Spring Iris

Tommy Thompson painted "Spring Iris" as part of a series of floral originals. The artist has received several kudos for his paintings of flowers recently.

Short Cut to Oscar's

"Short Cut to Oscar's" was created by Tommy Thompson from memory. The painter has traveled throughout the United States over the past 20+ years pursuing a career in art and has accumulated a myriad of images through his memory and with the aid of a digital camera.

Shadowed Plants

Tommy Thompson created the oil painting, "Shadowed Plants," as an exercise in brush work.

Route 1, Box 232

Tommy Thompson painted "Route 1, Box 232" from memories of scenes that he has observed during travels over the past 30 years.

Floral Splendor

Tommy Thompson painted "Floral Splendor" after visiting a small Alabama town where he admired their beautiful hanging baskets draped on street lamps.

Pansies Three

Tommy Thompson painted "Pansies Three" as part of a series of floral paintings that he has enjoyed creating recently.

Leiper's Fork Refuge

Tommy Thompson painted "Leiper's Fork House" after visiting the small community near Franklin, TN. Leiper's Fork is one of the artist's favorite places to paint.

Late Hay

Tommy Thompson painted "Late Hay" from memories of his childhood growing up on a farm where one of his summer jobs was cutting hay.

Ivy and Pots

Tommy Thompson painted "Ivy and Pots" while remembering a scene that he observed several years ago. In this painting, the artist tried to employ various painting techniques that he has learned during workshops over the past few years.

Gazebo at Leiper's Fork, TN

Tommy Thompson painted "Gazebo at Leiper's Fork" during Roger Dale Brown's Plein Air Workshop at the village. The Gazebo is the site of many parties and other events in the small picturesque village.

Sitting Pretty

Tommy Thompson painted "Sitting Pretty" during a Plein Air Workshop conducted by Roger Dale Brown in Leiper's Fork, TN. The adirondack chairs were actually white, but Thompson used his artistic license and changed the color to red for emphasis.

Distant Meadow

Tommy Thompson painted "Distant Meadow" during a plein air workshop conducted by Roger Dale Brown at Leiper's Fork, TN. Both artists enjoy painting landscapes around the country.

Aubrey's Creek

Tommy Thompson painted "Aubrey's Creek" while participating in a plein air workshop in Leiper's Fork, TN, with the award-winning artist, Roger Dale Brown. Barns and farms are featured in many of Thompson's paintings probably because of his love of the simpler way of life.

Pretty Petals

Tommy Thompson produced this still life in the impasto style of painting. By scooping up paint that he had only partially mixed, the artist piled the oil paint on like icing with a palette knife. As Kevin Macpherson says in his book, Landscape Painting: Inside and Out, "a thick, juicy stroke can be carved into alternative shapes easier than a very thin passage."