Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Painting with Friends in Tuscaloosa

We met some wonderful artists and made good memories during the November Alabama Plein Air Painters' Paint-Out at Jack Warner's Garden. With the hospitality of the Warners, Amy Echols, and Becky Booker, we were treated to an unforgettable experience. Pictured here are Tana Thomas and Marie and Tommy Thompson.

Visiting Our Friend Jack Again

Over the past few years, we have enjoyed visiting with Jack Warner on our trips to the Westervelt-Warner Museum of American Art. In November 2007 we were privileged to again visit this veritable icon of American art collecting. Jack has amassed an almost unbelievable collection of American art at his museum in Tuscaloosa. He gladly shares his prized possessions with visitors from all over the world.

Painting Jack Warner's Garden

Meeting with other members of the Alabama Plein Air Painters, we painted Jack Warner's Garden in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, on November 9 and 10. Jack has developed a one-of-a-kind flower garden at his home in the North River section of the city. At the age of 90, Jack still scales his hillside garden several times a day as he conducts personal tours of his "work in progress," which contains numerous plants, gazebos, arches, and other interesting structures. Jack entertains his guests with stories about how he erected dead trees in concrete to symbolize the mortality of man. As Jack says,"We will all be gone, but they will still be here." For paintings from Jack's garden see Tommy Thompson Art. For other paintings depicting historic Tuscaloosa, please see Tommy Thompson's Tuscaloosa Art Blog.