Thursday, February 21, 2008

Horses of the Tetons

One of Tommy Thompson's favorite places to paint is Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in the Tetons. He found these beautiful horses in Jackson Hole. After photographing the horses, Thompson combined the digital photo of an awe-inspiring landscape from High School Butte in Jackson, WY and the horse photo to create an image from which to paint this studio piece, which he named "Horses of the Tetons."

Maine-ly Grazing

One of Tommy Thompson's favorite places to visit and paint is North Haven Island, Maine. His painting, "Maine-ly Grazing" was inspired by a trip to the island. Incorporating horses into his paintings is another favorite thing to do. The oil painter enjoys plein air painting with his friend, George Walker, on their visits to this island that has preserved its simple way of life. North Haven is a year-round island community and summer colony located in Penobscot Bay, Maine.

In Training

"In Training" is another Tommy Thompson landscape in oil that includes one of his favorite subjects, horses. the artist found this particular landscape is located in southern Tennessee. Because Thompson grew up on a farm in Mississippi, the artist has always had a fondness for farm animals, especially horses. As a young boy, he had a favorite horse, which he named "Liz." He spent many hours of his childhood riding through the woods and pastures of his family farm.

Grazing with a View

"Grazing with a View" depicts a scene that Tommy Thompson found on North Haven Island, Maine. The talented artist combined digital photos of landscapes and those of horses. Drawing from the inspiration of the late renowned wildlife painter, Lanford Monroe, and the revered painter, Richard Schmid, Thompson has learned to create pleasing compositions using more than one digital photograph.

Thompson and his painter friend George Walker draw much inspiration from the pristine landscapes found on the lovely North Haven Island off the coast of Maine. They have spent many hours over the past few years locating new venues for their plein air painting excursions.

Sunday at Grandpa's

Tommy Thompson painted "Sunday at Grandpa's" depicting an interesting landscape and old barn that he found near historic Lynnville, Tennessee, in Giles County. The artist creatively used digital photographs of the scene and other photos of horses to arrange an imaginative composition for his painting. Old Lynnville, TN, was on the old stagecoach pike that connected Nashville, TN, and Decatur, AL. Prior to the Civil War, Old Lynnville was a flourishing little town. However, much of the town was burned and destroyed during the Civil War. In 1860, the Central-Southern Railroad was completed just one mile east of Old Lynnville. The old town began to move to the railroad and a new town was begun. On February 14, 1907, the new Lynnville was incorporated. Today, Lynnville is regarded as one of the most historical areas in Giles County and serves as the backdrop for many music videos produced by the music industry of the nearby Country Music Capital, Nashville. Today a railroad museum, depot, antique steam locomotive, coach, flat car, and caboose add historic charm to the town.

Thompson's painting, "Sunday at Grandpa's" is now in a private collection in Birmingham, Alabama.