Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sergei Bongart

Recently I received a message from Patricia Bongart, widow of the famous Russian impressionist, Sergei Bongart. Patricia's message was regarding an article, "Sergei Bongart: Notes on Painting," posted on the Internet by Norm Nason. According to Ms. Bongart, these notes are not sanctioned by sergeibongart.com and contain inaccurate information. She suggested that anyone interested in the Bongart method should consult http://www.sergeibongart.com/bongart_method.html to learn more about the master painter's technique. Ms. Bongart sent me a copy of the publication, Sergei Bongart: Touched by the Gods! I highly recommend this book to all painting enthusiasts and students; it is a fascinating read as you learn about the life of Bongart and his painting method. It is a real treasure trove of insightful information; the book is available through http://www.sergeibongart.com/. The artist and wife of Sergei Bongart, Patricia was selected for her talent and featured in the book, Masterworks of Impressionism. She has received major awards that include both national and regional honors. The Metropolitan Library System of Oklahoma City selected her for a television feature that includes her work and a demonstration. Her work is widely represented in collections throughout the United States and abroad.

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