Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Richard Rhodes Entertains Portrait Society Faculty and Artist Friends

Artist/collector Richard Rhodes of Brentwood, Tennessee, entertained the Portrait Society Faculty and his artist friends during the meeting in Reston, Virginia. Richard and Tommy Thompson have taken oil painting workshops together, and they have enjoyed plein air painting around the Nashville area. At the party, we enjoyed seeing many friends including Michael Shane Neal, Dawn Whitelaw, Scott Burdick, and others. At the same time we had the pleasure of making new friendships with many other portrait artists, including David Beynon Pena of New York City (Several years ago David painted a portrait of the late Senator Howell Heflin of Tuscumbia, Alabama); Ms. Dolores Vestrich of Falls Church, VA; and Johnnie Liliedahl and her husband Ralph of La Porte, Texas.

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